We develop and execute complex communications campaigns. We effectively combine tools, channels and media of communication, ensuring our clients achieve their goals successfully. In our day-to-day work we leverage the latest means and tools of the modern communication.

We perfectly understand B2B markets – manufacturing industry, architecture and construction, professional services, IT. We know how to talk effectively about innovations. To educate, motivate and engage.

We are professional and active. We take the initiative and bet on results. We act comprehensively, executing complex programs, not single tasks. We monitor the progress and proactively recommend the most effective means.

We build long-term relationships with our clients, very often starting with a small project and developing together more complex programs. Programs that change brand perception and enhance business.

We operate internationally –   as a member of a global network of independent agencies – the WIN PR Group. We have expertise in coordination of agencies in the Central and Eastern Europe.

Media relations

Social media

Marketing support

Relationship with opinion leaders / social media influencers

Community management

Events management

Relationship with universities and students

Digital communication /
Content marketing