Cobots Expert’s Breakfasts are cyclical meetings for media, discussing important aspects related to robotization and possibilities of using collaborative robots in Polish enterprises.

Value of robotization was the topic of the fifth Universal Robots’s press meeting. The experience related to the use of collaborative robots in Poland was shared by companies from the automotive and F&B industries: Megatech Industries Tomaszów and Unilever. The reasons for robotization highlighted by companies are primarily situation on the labour market and a need for speeding up and standardizing processes.

Omega Communication supports organization of the Cobots Expert’s Breakfast meetings within the scope of ongoing cooperation with Universal Robots.

More information in the article by PAP published e.g. by wnp.pl portal: https://www.wnp.pl/tech/w-robotyzacji-czesi-wegrzy-i-slowacy-bija-na-glowe-polakow,352989_1_0_0.html