Is 18 years a lot? For sure a lot has changed during this period – both in the PR segment and beyond. 18 years ago, Facebook didn’t exist. Hardly anyone heard about Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. The mobile phones market was dominated by Nokia since nobody used smartphones at that time. Along with the development of technology and its rising popularity, human behavior changed and this led to the evolution in the needs and expectations of customers. Still, there are some things that remained unchanged over time. At Omega Communication we continue to work day by day with joy and motivation. We are optimistic about the future. Today, as a new member of The Polish Public Relations Consultancies Association, we are satisfied to say that we have achieved a lot, and amongst our customers there are a few companies that had been with us from nearly beginning of this “journey”. 18 years is a lot but the main thing is that we are eager to do more.